People in Singapore Reportedly Using Condoms When Pressing Elevator Buttons

Singaporean people were reportedly using condoms when pressing the elevator button to decrease the COVID19 virus.

Singapore People

 As the country was declared to be on “Disease Outbreak Response System Condition” (DORSCON) the orange level alert on February 7th, was the highest alert in the system. Just one level below red. There are now a total of 47 confirmed cases of the COVID-19 virus in Singapore.

Singapore People
Singapore People

Therefore the Pharmacies and Grocery Stores have been run out of essentials products because Singaporean people hurry to the stores to prepare for the outbreak in case they need to blockade themselves at home.

In different circumstances, health officials instruct everyone the proper way of protecting ourselves from the Novel Coronavirus by washing our hands, avoid touching your face with our hands and wear a mask in crowded areas. When sneezing or coughing always cover or use a tissue to avoid the virus to spread through Contact and respiratory droplets.

Based on the photo that is shared on Twitter and Reddit, is it true that the people might be using condoms to keep from harm their fingers whenever they touch or need to press the elevator buttons. People on Singapore have subsided the condoms to a shelf like a plague of locusts and left it empty and sterile.

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