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Hot Topic: Mommy Divine Scamming Sarah Geronimo By Asset Transfer To Her Before Her Daugther Weds With Matteo Guidecelli?

Hot topic now in social media is the secret wedding of Sarah Geronimo and long time boyfriend actor Matteo Guidecilli last February 20, 2020 through a, secret civil wedding.

It becomes a secret due to the fact that Sarah mother does not approved the two union and as a matter of fact she opposed her daugther to be with the Italian actor.

Video Footage of Matteo Guidecelli Punching Sarah Geronimo’s Security Personnel Named ‘Jerry Tamara’

According to reports that Mommy Divine real intention is to transfer her daugthers assets to her before Sarah ties the knot with Guedecilli, is this really true?

But according to news reports that, mommy divine hired a personal guard as an eye to Sarah and to report their daily activities to her.


BREAKING NEWS: Jerry Tamara Report Matteo Guidecelli For Punching Him Due To Leaking Of Supposed Secret Wedding With Sarah Geronimo

It is also reported that before the wedding ceremony the personal guard reported the event to Mommy Divine and goes to Sarah and talk which plans to stop the wedding but it does not come in favor with Mommy Divine way.

Due to leaked information Matteo Guidecilli is reported punching the said guard for leaking the information supposedly in secret to Sarah parents.

Meanwhile as previous reports is concered famous columnist Ricky Lo reveals that the two already tied the knot as per reliable source but that time Sarah G. do not admit she was actually married and post that she is on a taping with her fellow coaches in the Voice Teens.

But the said speculations is yet to be proven because no one knows what is the topic of Sarah and her mother during her visit before her daugther wedding day with the actor.

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