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Entertaining Pinay Vlogger Viral Now on Social Media

Many netizens were entertained from the video of a vlogger named Amor Carias. Her video was about her daily life. To others it may seem not perfect with her kind of English, however, there were still a lot of netizens enjoying watching her vlogs. To some viewers, her “gimik” was not new, though there were still a lot who enjoyed watching her.

Some viewers said, her videos are entertaining and funny. This is how the netizens expressed their reaction in one of her vlog that became viral in social media. Amor Carias became an instant celebrity because of her vlogs.

According to the Facebook page Roy’s Artworks. Her video reached more than 1Million views in her episode everyday life in their house.

It may seem not perfect but to some she is entertaining. And her jokes were out of the box. Here are some of the lines that is viral online.

“Tawa lng tayo pero siya sikat na may pera pa. Hahaha… positive vibes gurl!”

“Thank you ate you make me laugh today! Haha.”

“Thank you ate for bringing and sharing the joy. thank you for making laugh and smile.”

“Nothing wrong nman atleast nagtry cya.” “Sorry pero tawang tawa ako ganito next vlog mo pls.”

“So nice. That was entertaining.. Masaya.”

“Galing ni ate Nakakaaliw po good luck at more Videos pa.” “Natural si ate girl hahaha ka aliw.”

“Ang yaman Ni ateng may hallway sa hous…nakakatuwa talaga xa promise.”

Here is one of her viral video online:

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