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Watch Health News Alert: DOH Confirms Child From Cebu Positive Of Wuhan Coronavirus

MANILA, Department of Health confirms that a child from Cebu becomes positive of Wuhan coronavirus which arrives from China last January 12.

According to Sec. Duque the child experienced fever, sore irritation, cough but negative from SARS and Merscov but positive from a pancoronavirus.

Pancoronavirus is a test conducted to detect if there is a specific coronavirus invation in your body that can cause severe common colds, difficulty in breathing, cough, fever the worst case scenario is acute respiratory ailment, pneumonia, kidney failure and death.

As of now the child is currently stable and experiencing cough but not literally in bsd condition. Experts advised to be vigilant and be aware.

Coronavirus is an epidemic in China that cost life and infects almost thousand.

Sec. Duque noted to always wash your hand, cover your mouth when sneezing and coughing and take a lot of vitamins to have a stronger immune system.

As of now the department is monitoring 3 people from China that arrived from Kalibo Aklan which they experience common colds symptoms.

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