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A OFW in China lambasted Filipino for too much discrimination and judgemental due to coronavirus outbreak. In the video she stressed ” I really want to speak out kasi below the belt na yung mga banat, lahat na nagpapanic daming nag lalabasan na mga comments and daming negatives, the na maka judge kayo sa mga [...]

Viral now is social is the photos of the Chinese national residing in the Philippines giving free face mask to the Filipino. In the photo you can witness many boxes of mask donated by the Chinese people for prevention of the latest Wuhan Coronavirus outbreak. In the video you can witness bunch of Filipino falling [...]

MANILA, Department of Health confirms that a child from Cebu becomes positive of Wuhan coronavirus which arrives from China last January 12. According to Sec. Duque the child experienced fever, sore irritation, cough but negative from SARS and Merscov but positive from a pancoronavirus. Pancoronavirus is a test conducted to detect if there is a [...]