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BREAKING NEWS: Wuhan Coronavirus Can Be Transmitted By Eye To Eye Contact

Breaking news report released that the Wuhan coronavirus can be spread through eye to eye contact.

The said reports is confirms as a top doctor who is finding the cure to the disease was infected by the virus thru eye contact.

Doctor Wang Guanfa a respected medical practitioner which fights China battle against SARS claimed that he is infected by the virus while visiting the fever clinic which the victim is stricly quarantined.

He added he did not wear eye protective gear that leads him to infection.

Wang had reportedly been mocked by some in the media after contracting the disease, despite saying it was “preventable and controllable” just two weeks earlier.

The Doctor noted the time they were figthing the epidemic they prioritize of wearing n95 mask and failed to realize that they must wear protective eyegear as well.

As of now the doctor has been fully recovered and still grinding to find the cure for this epidemic.

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