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WATCH: Experts Pin Pointed Bat Soup Main Source Of Wuhan Coronavirus In China

Experts recently made a report that the serve Bat soup in China is the high percentage reason for the main source of Novel Coronavirus which causes fatalities throughout the world.

In the video, you can see a child eating a bat with a pair of chopsticks and enjoying the food.

Scientists recently released a study that the Wuhan coronavirus main host is bats and humans, due to its widespread epidemic the Chinese government shut down public transportation in the city and people from Wuhan are restricted to go out without proper inspection.


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The infected are quarantined and observed and the medical vaccine is now developed to counter the disease, but sad new as of now no results yet.

City portals in Wuhan are strictly guarded by the local police and the main roads are barricaded so that no one can go out in the city to avoid the spreading of disease.

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