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LIVE: PH Senate Hearing on Coronavirus Readiness

Dr. Rabindra Abeyasinghe, World Health Organization Representative to the Philippines speaks during the senate hearing for the readiness in response to the danger brought about the deadly 2019-nCoV that originate from Wuhan, China. The purpose of the PH Senate Hearing is to give awareness and proper education to the people about the novel coronavirus that [...]

As per DOH confirmation the country had now 2 fatalities of coronavirus one is the 38 year old Chinese woman from Wuhan China arrived here at January 21, 2020 and confined at San Lazaro Hospital on January 25, 2020 and died due to complications of pneumonia. Seconds is a 44 year old Chinese man also [...]

The Department of Health (DOH) Secretary Francisco Duque III recently confirmed the first case of coronavirus in the Philippines on Thursday January 30, 2020. Duque said that the origin of the first case of the confirmed coronavirus in the country is coming from the 38-year-old Chinese patient from Wuhan City, China. According to the DOH, [...]

Two Overseas Filipino workers in China ask help to be rescue from Wuhan China due to corona virus outbreak. The two are afraid of their live and cannot do anything because the country imposes a strict quarantine to Wuhan borders and portals. OFW noted “Gumawa po kami ng video kasi natatakot po kami na lalong [...]

Animal Trade in China Breeding Ground for Viruses

CHINA BREEDING GROUND FOR VIRUSES – scientists and researchers agreed that China’s breeding ground is the source of viruses. Scientists and researchers said that if government do not control the wildlife trade in China there will be more viruses to breed. It can be remembered that China was once struck by the phenomenal occurrence of [...]

Experts recently made a report that the serve Bat soup in China is the high percentage reason for the main source of Novel Coronavirus which causes fatalities throughout the world. In the video, you can see a child eating a bat with a pair of chopsticks and enjoying the food. Scientists recently released a study [...]