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Experts recently made a report that the serve Bat soup in China is the high percentage reason for the main source of Novel Coronavirus which causes fatalities throughout the world. In the video, you can see a child eating a bat with a pair of chopsticks and enjoying the food. Scientists recently released a study [...]

Latest update on Novel Coronavirus outbreak “NCOV” death tolls and infected worldwide. PHOTO CREDIT TO CGTN (China Global Television Network) According to China Global Television Network “CGTN” As of now the number of infected is estimated at 1297 confirmed cases 41 fatalities and 38 cured. Cases outside Mainland China: Cases outside China: –  Thailand: 4 (2 [...]

Watch here the origin of NCOV or Novel Corona Virus , this epidemic started on Wuhan China wherein it because a world scare. According to World Health Organization this virus is so deadly wherein no vaccine had been invented yet to eliminate this harmful micro organism. Related Diseases: SARS- “Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome” originated from [...]