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Latest Update: Novel Coronavirus Outbreak “NCOV” Death Tolls, Infected Worldwide

Latest update on Novel Coronavirus outbreak “NCOV” death tolls and infected worldwide.

PHOTO CREDIT TO CGTN (China Global Television Network)

According to China Global Television Network “CGTN”

As of now the number of infected is estimated at 1297 confirmed cases

41 fatalities and 38 cured.

Cases outside Mainland China:

Cases outside China: –  Thailand: 4 (2 cured) –  Japan: 2 (1 cured) –  South Korea: 2 –  U.S.: 2 –  Vietnam: 2 –  Singapore: 3 –  Nepal: 1 –  France: 2


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According to some research, the main source of this deadly virus was on bats and snake and originated in Wuhan wherein people there enjoy exotic foods.

This rare type of virus is so dangerous wherein no vaccine developed yet to cure this flu-like disease, according to some additional studies our body has not yet developed antibodies for this rare epidemic so that why it is hard to counter.

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