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VIRAL Video ng Lalaki, NICO PANERIO NagDodota Lang Habang Naghihingalo ang Anak

In this episode of Raffy Tulfo in Action, a certain Madel Togonon mother of the dying child comes to TV5 to complain the father of her child Nico Panerio.

According to Madel, Nico is irresponsible father that ignore their child while in the dying condition but he himself is playing Dota in the computer.

Madel told idol Raffy Tulfo that she ask Nico to help her in the hospital for medication of their child but instead of attending their child, she said Nico is going anywhere with his other woman and his friends to play Dota game.

In this segment, Raffy Tulfo contacted Nico by phone and allow him to explain his side. Nico denied everything Madel’s allegation. He also said he also has proof that he did not ignore their child.

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Watch video here:

Raffy Tulfo invite Nico to come to his office to settle their problem but he answered to see Madel in the court. Raffy promised Madel to help her to file the case in the PNP against him.

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