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Raffy Tulfo in Action Part2: VIRAL POST NagDodota ang Ama Habang Naghihingalo ang Anak

This episode is the part2 of Raffy Tulfo in Action featuring the mother of the baby Madel Togonon complaining a certain Nico Panerio the father of the baby.

According to Madel, her baby died due to the lack of attention of Nico. During the time her baby was under the shadow of death, Nico was just playing Dota game.

Madel did not hesitate to reveal the illegal money-making of Nico as she said Nico was using the girl account in social media to scam with a foreigner in relationship and make money with that rocket. Raffy described Nico’s money considered as cyber crime.

In this video, Raffy is helping Madela to file a case against Nico.

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