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Is Yassi Pressman in Awkward Situation in Showtime? Vice Ganda Said “Ahas”

The It’s Showtime show is making round in social media with Yassi Pressman who was one of the hosts during the episode.

In this segment of “Mini Miss U”, the netizen considered Yassi was in the awkward situation after Yorme answered snake was his favorite pet.

On this video is seen Vice and Yassi were interviewing cute boy and girl about their favorites. The girl answered that she loves drawing cute animals. Vice Ganda asks Yorme if he wants the cute girl to draw something for him, Yorme answered he want “Ahas,” because according to Yorme it is cute.” Yorme’s answer prompted Vice Ganda to unintentionally said, “sa bagay cute nga ang ahas, ang iba nga kahawid ng best friend mo eh,” explained Vice Ganda.

As to recall, Yassi is the one who answered the controversial issue stoned by social media bashers to her sister Issa Pressman as alleged third party in the breakup of James Reid and Nadine Lustre.

The netizens who was trying to draw a connection to connect the “ahas” mentioned of Yorme in the segment of Mini Miss U is referring to her sister Issa as the one who is “ahas” to her friend Nadine.

This vide went viral and shared many times in social media.

Watch video here, and not from the video track record 0:58 Vice Ganda started to ask Yorme.

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