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JUST NOW VIRAL VIDEO: Furious Passenger Shouting and Cursing Angkas Driver

Furious passenger shouting and cursing Angkas Driver who comes late on their pickup area caught in camera viral now.

In this video footage appeared the enraged commuter displays untoward behavior in dealing with his driver after arriving late at the pickup area.

After this video uploaded on Facebook under the Facebook account of Jenylyn Hermosa, netizens who have seen the video express their reaction against the furious passenger.  

Many among the netizens understand how hard and risky to drive a motorcycle and to bring their passengers to its destination in a rain or shine weather condition. The reason that many among the netizen condemn the unprofessional action of the raging passenger.

The in the Philippines, transporting passenger by means of motorcycle is rampant today as it is more time-saving to move and maneuver past compare with other bigger transporting vehicles like cars and buses.

The said vehicle passenger using motorcycle is the idea of the DBDOYC Inc. popularly known in the country as “Angkas.” The said services are also used to some other purpose like delivery service by some other company. Angkas assures faster transportation services to one destination.

However, commuters are appealing to Angkas drivers to take extra measure of carefulness in the road as it is riskier than other vehicular passenger, yet it guarantees faster transportation regardless of weather condition. Commuters should also give to them a little bit of kind consideration towards drivers.

Raging Commuter
Raging Commuter

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