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CDO Foodsphere, Inc. Chairman and Co-Founder Mr. Jose “Pepe” Ong Dies at 78

Jose “Pepe” Ong, chairperson and co-founder of meat processing company CDO Foodsphere, Inc. died on Thursday morning, the company announced, “It is great sadness that we announce the peaceful passing of our beloved Chairman and Co-Founder Jose J. Ong this morning, November 14, 2019.”

The company CDO Foodsphere, Inc. did not announced the cause of death of Mr. Ong but said that he died peacefully.

“Boss Pepe” was a loving father to his family and the company. “He was our coach, our rock — always inspiring us with his pioneering ideas, his passion and resilience; always there to remind us that nothing is impossible. He will forever be remembered with love and fondness,” the company added.

“Condolence to the family of Mr. Jose “Pepe” Ong”

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