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Dawn Chang Speaks About Her Thoughts About Sexual Harassment Regarding PBB’s Recent Issue

GirlTrends Member, Dawn Chang speaks about the incident on what happened in the past, connecting on to what recently happened in Pinoy Big Brother’s ex housemate, Banjo Dangalan.

Big Brother recently forced evicted Banjo Dangalan because of his rape joke. Banjo Dangalan, known as the “Funny Fighter ng Quezon City”, made a joke about taking advantage of his fellow housemate Gino Roque. His joke made some of the female housemates uncomfortable, as well as the times Banjo smelled their hair.

On the other hand, Dawn Chang, a former PBB housemate, made a statement about the past incident with Tommy Esguerra. When Tommy approached Dawn because of Dawn’s way of dressing was causing a distraction to other male housemates.

Dawn answered him and said that she has the right to wear whatever she likes. She also added that it is not her problem if someone feels uncomfortable about how she dresses, and that they could just not look if they are not comfortable seeing her.

She said, “It’s your body, your rules. You have all the rights sa katawan ninyo kahit na anong gusto niyong gawin because that is your body. That’s yourself.”

“We always say be yourself, love yourself and all these empowering stuff. But you also have to understand, that you cannot touch people without their consent.” Dawn added.

She also said that, even if both parties are in a mutual relationship, if one attempts or forces another in a sexual conversation, she thinks that it is a form of sexual harassment. “Correct me if I’m wrong, ha, for me that’s sexual harassment”

“If there is no consent, it’s not right, di ba? Kasi, kumbaga, ang pagkain, just because nasa harapan mo pero hindi sa ‘yo, hindi ibig sabihin puwedeng-puwede mong kainin, di ba? Hindi rin po sa kasuotan yun, ‘no. It’s all here,” she said pointing at her head.

Dawn received praises from the netizens for being vocal, especially for using her right to speak. She also added that she wanted to let others know their rights and limitations.

“I don’t mind not being famous. I just want people to be more aware of our rights and limitations.”  

“I am really overjoyed. People are getting smarter.”

Dawn said in her tweets.

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