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CONGRATULATIONS! Civil Service Exam Passers and Top 10 of March 17, 2019

Congratulations passers of the Civil Service Examination March 17, 2019.

The Civil Service Exam or Career Service Examination – Pen and Paper Test (CSE-PPT) result will be posted here in this page once officially released by the commission anytime this month of May 2019. Included in this page is the full list of passers of professional and sub-professional level and the topnotchers or the top ten during this batch of examinees of March 2019.

It is expected that result will be released within 60-days after the date of examination since March 17, 2019 and will be officially published on the Facebook page of the CSC.

The CSE-PPT examination was held last Sunday of March 17, 2019 from 68 different testing centers all over the country. In order to pass the CSE examination one must get not less than 80 percent of the total score that qualifies the examinee to become eligible to occupy a government slots according to his/her qualification in the field of profession.

The CSE-PPT examination is a government required test to anyone who wish to work into the government employment. The scope of examination is to be considered as general ability test in various areas of exposure and experiences in order to prepare qualified applicant to the government position.

The examination covered with 150 mixed questions that includes in the area of the general subjects such as English, Filipino, Mathematics to measure the numerical ability, as well as verbal ability, analytical ability and general & current information questions in the area of the Philippine Constitution, the ethical standards of the code of conduct necessary for the public officials and government employees according to Republic Act No.6713, peace & human rights aspects, concepts and environmental management and protection. Don’t worry, regardless how much score you get during the examination, every examinees will received your score regardless you pass or failed during the examination.

Just keep on updating this page, bookmark and Like us in Facebook because official result is probably available within the week after the Election Day on May 13, 2019.

You can access here on the table below all the result of the examination both on the Professional level and on Sub-Professional level. (Just click the links here).

REGION                LEVELS                 LEVELS

Region 1               Professional       SubProfessional

Region 2               Professional       SubProfessional

Region 3               Professional       SubProfessional

Region 4               Professional       SubProfessional

Region 5               Professional       SubProfessional

Region 6               Professional       SubProfessional

Region 7               Professional       SubProfessional

Region 8               Professional       SubProfessional

Region 9               Professional       SubProfessional

Region 10            Professional       SubProfessional

Region 11            Professional       SubProfessional

Region 12            Professional       SubProfessional

Region NCR        Professional       SubProfessional

Region CAR         Professional       SubProfessional

Region CARAGA Professional       SubProfessional

Region ARMM   Professional       SubProfessional

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