Raffy Tulfo in Action on November 22, 2018 Episode #Matinding Love Triangle!!! Pinakilala ni Misis Ang Bagong BF Niya Kay Mister!

Seth Cortez

Raffy Tulfo in Action is a public service affairs program that gives help to Filipinos who are in need and in trouble. This program also rescues OFWs abroad who are abused and mistreated by their employers.This program also gives public service like no other. Here’s another episode of Raffy Tulfo in Action.

The complainant in this episode is named Mr. Ryan Balang who complains about his wife named Janiza who had an affair with a guy who is an ex-live in partner of his sister. The complainant stated that his wife left him because of misunderstanding and because the two of them were hurting each other. According to the complainant, it all started when he left home to work in Manila and his wife also decided to work abroad. Janiza stated that she was being hurt by Ryan so her present boyfriend rescued her until their relationship turned into a serious one. Ryan also explained that he was just tired and hungry at that time and pissed off by Janiza. Janiza stated that their marriage is fake and she had evidences from NSO.

For more details, please watch the full video below. Part 1. Part 2 is coming.

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