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Raffy Tulfo in Action: Roselyn Leones at Jay-ar Raganit, Dahil sa Computer Magkasintahan Nagkahiwalay Pati Baby Nadamay!

This is one of a kind considered millennial generation conflict between lovers due to the negative effect of over-using computer. Conflict like this was never happened before the time of technology era but so far, rampant today having a problem like this one.

According to the complainant Roselyn Leones, she complained to Idol Raffy Tulfo against her boyfriend Jay-ar Raganit who refuse of giving their 2-years old child under her custody. She said that Jay-ar was always playing with computer the reason they always having clash each other.

Jay-ar then refuses the allegation of Roselyn due to the fact that it was Roselyn who left them and chose to go back on her own home town somewhere in Bicol. But later, Jay-ar found out that Roselyn did not really went home but instead she stayed to her brother according to the testimony of Roselyn. But according to Jay-ar, Roselyn was with her former boyfriend who confirmed to Jay-ar by talking with him on phone.

To follow the story of Roselyn and Jay-ar, watch video by click this link below:

What can you say about this couple’s conflict, do you have any comment or suggestion? Please write in here on the comment box below and let us see who will agree with your and who will disagree with your opinion.

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