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Viral: Bugoy Cariño Reacts on Alleged Pregnancy of Girlfriend Ej Laure

Former Star Circle Quest Kids contestant but now a Hashtag member named  a 15 year old, Bugoy Cariño, in a relationship with Ej Laure, 19 years old, a UST Volleyball player. Bugoy Cariño is well known with his drama and dancing that is really admired by fans and supporters. While Ms. Ej Laure is a popular volleyball star in UST. This young couple had an alleged issue about rumored pregnancy of Ej Laure.

Photo: Via: Pep. Ph

The volleyball star denied her rumored pregnancy and joked that she is having “Triplets”. Her boyfriend, Bugoy Cariño also reacted saying that he will just laughed on that issue. According to them the issues were not true and they were happy living their life. And they will just ignore the issue. Ej Laure hasn’t played this year because of her “chronic shoulder injury”

                                               Via. Facebook: Bugoy Carino

So far, there were no confirmations regarding the issues.

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Source and Credits to: Pep. Ph.

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