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Valentine’s Viral: This Guy is Crying Busted by the Girl He Loves So Much, What Can You Advice?

The most exciting moment of the teenager is when they enter the stage of the love life. During this stage of the teenager most of them feels themselves they’re the center of the world’s circulation and everything happens connects to their emotions.

We have different level of experiences when it comes to love life. One maybe complicated compare the other or maybe one become romantic compare the other.

Mostly, your special someone becomes your inspiration yet there are cases that your special someone causes you heartache that some of them finds no place to place their feelings. Some cannot easily move on from painful experience. We cannot blame them, because that is normal if one fall in love with someone so special.

This guy on video attached to this post is a guy with sad experience in his love life. According to those who know him, his girl lover busted him and he worried of their break up much more Valentine’s Day is past approaching. He is afraid that during the day lovers are celebrating Valentine’s Day, he will spend it alone and apart from her girlfriend unsettled.

Whatever problem arises between these two lovers, we don’t know. This video was uploaded by Anthony Enriquez on his Facebook account and I just grabbed it and posted on my blog site. This video went viral with several thousands of views and shares to different micro-blogging sites.

The video has captions that ask netizens of what advice they can extend to this guy. As you see this guy drinking to whatever reason or maybe he is trying to forget the heartache he felt by drinking Beer.

What can you advice? Share it on the comment box so that this guy will be comforted.

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