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You Won’t Believe Until You Watch this Video How This Man Survived from the Cliff and Won the Contest

Joining this kind of sport will risk you life. But to make it fair, they’re brave enough to face their fair and overcome it. I love sports of different sorts but this one makes my nerve shaken.

I cannot imagine what will happen if they failed to place the wheel of their bike at the right place and in a correct position considering that they are doing this competition at the edge of the cliff. One mistake means one life.

On the other hand, this interesting adventure of a sports-minded person measure the braveness of every participant and great rewards awaits on them as well as popularity and prestige from the audience who witnessed them for the risk at stake of this sort of sports they’re competing.

How i desired to witness them in actual competition because I love this kind of adventure. By the way, thanks for this video source, Anthony Enriquez from his Facebook page, I give credit on him for his latest video shared in his account.

Fasten your set built and watch video here:

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