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Video clip on TikTok caught the attention of the netizens as it surprises the husband of what gift she can give during Valentine’s Day. In this video uploaded by @gr93la, she narrated that she is going to surprise her husband with the pictures he always like on Tiktok. During Valentine’s Day, this girl collects the [...]

Featuring Daniel Padilla is most surprising moment in the latest vlog of the actress Kathryn Bernardo on Valentines Days. If you have not yet watched this video, do watching here on this page. According to the 24-year-old, she made many attempts to convince her reel and real-life-time boyfriend to agree with her to be featured [...]

The most exciting moment of the teenager is when they enter the stage of the love life. During this stage of the teenager most of them feels themselves they’re the center of the world’s circulation and everything happens connects to their emotions. We have different level of experiences when it comes to love life. One [...]

Pokwang revealed the she was currently in a relationship with her leading man on the movie, “EDSA Woolworth”. The named of her new love interest is Lee O’Brian an American actor. Pokwang admits that they became an official couple after the trip on Boracay last January 20, 2015. The couple spent three nights in Boracay [...]