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Viral: An Overweight Lose Extra Pounds and Turned into a Hot Guy by Taking Apple Cider Vinegar


Christian Beso from Iloilo City posted a viral post in Facebook about his losing of extra pounds.

In September 2015 Christian Beso weigh 189 lbs. with a waistline of 37 inches and has been diagnosed with Hypertension and Triglyceride. His triglycerides reached 300+ and cholesterol levels were very high. Aside from that he also have a heart illness since childhood. His food intake is uncontrollable and as a result he had been admitted in the hospital several times because of hypertension. He also had maintenance medicines three (3) pieces to be exact. So the doctor advised him to lose weight to minimize heart problems.

In 2016, in his New Year’s Resolution, Beso began dieting and wasn’t effective because of his uncontrolled diet. By September, his doctor recommended him Apple Cider Vinegar “Unfiltered” and “With the Mother” label.

Until He was persistent to lose weight and consistently drinking ACV. In 4 months’ time he almost lose 20lbs, and yet according to his post in Facebook, he had no limits in eating. He had no limits in breakfast and lunch but he still felt full by dinner and ate less.

According to report, he didn’t not do work out, jog or stuffs and didn’t took any Diet Pills or whatever. He just took long walks because of his heart failure. He chose healthy foods (no fried, greasy or fatty).

By then Beso had great improvements and he stopped taking maintenance medicines and weigh 150lbs. Cholesterol and Triglyceride levels went down drastically. According to his post, He went this far because he took 2 tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar “Unfiltered” and “With the Mother” label with 1 cup of water 30 mins. Before breakfast and dinner. He also added that he had to be consistent that he reached his goal. Now he weigh 132lbs with a waistline of 30 inches with no more Hypertension and Triglyceride, “There’s no shortcuts in life, progress is step by step” he added.

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