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Watch: LEAK Video of Xander Ford Bashed Kathryn Bernardo Went Viral

Xander Ford was allegedly caught on a recorded footage saying something hilarious to Kathryn Bernardo. The video was uploaded in Youtube Channel of Leonardo Florida, garnering thousands of views.

The face is not been shown but his voice is sound like Xander Ford. Here is the statement of Leonardo Florida who uploaded the video:

“To be honest, I’m not really sure if Xander Ford is really the guy on the video because i didn’t get a good look at his face. It could be easily some other guy. But if it’s really him, I must say I’m so disappointed. When i first heard talk of his attitude problem, I gave Xander Ford the benefit of the doubt. After all, I don’t believe  in judging someone if I haven’t meet him. But evidence of his kabastosan, continues to pile up, so I cant deny it or ignore it any longer.

Kathryn is a beautiful person, inside and out. what’s more, She didn’t need plastic surgery to be considered beautiful on the outside. Xander needed to go under the knife to be thought of as somewhat good looking. But all the surgical procedures in the world can’t make you truly beautiful or handsome if you’re rotten at the core.

Lastly, You don’t want people bashing you and yet here you are, bashing Kathryn Bernardo. Shame on you, Xander Ford.

  1. S funny how you talk about attitude and all when you’re literally the perfect example for an ungrateful idol. Lol i dismissed.”

Watch the video below:

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