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Throwback Video: Marlou Arizala Before Surgery with Hasht5 Went Viral

The throwback video of Marlou Arizala surfaced online and spread like wildfire after it was uploaded on Facebook account of “Lloyd Café Cadena.” On this video are the Hasht5 members recorded before Marlou Arizala underwent cosmetic surgery to enhance his look and boost his confidence.

As to remember, Marlou Arizala’s controversial facial surgery becomes the talk of the netizens gaining mixed reactions that speed up the issue so that it became a viral online for several weeks. Along with excitement on his cosmetic surgery was a change of his look somewhere on his nose and chin and the change of his identity as Xander Ford as part of his transformation following after what Charice Pempengco who made transformation as Jake Zyrus.

Marlou Arizala with the Hasht5

Alleged photos of Xander Ford circulating online dubbed as the new internet sensation but he denied the rumors.

Marlou Arizala gained popularity as he is one among the group of boyband “Hasht5” which used to impersonate original Boy Band member. With this action of the “Hasht5” the original Boy Band suffered criticism and bullying on the online world due to their actions that seems to degrade the original Boy Band group. But on the other hand, the negative impact of the Hasht5 becomes the Boy Band strength that contributes popularity they consider it as an opportunity to pursue their career.

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