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Ysah Cabrejas denies the claims of ex-bf Xander Ford saying, “Nagkaayos na kami” and Marlou’s family agree. Last week, Marlou Arizala or as we all know as Xander Ford became one of the controversial social media personality in the online world. This was after the news about him that allegedly hurting his girlfriend Ysah Cabrejas [...]

In the latest cased tackled by Wanted Sa Radyo Raffy Tulfo In Action the part 2 of the story regarding the issue between Xander Ford facing rape case from former girlfriend Ysah Cabrejas. According to reports Xander and Ysah still not in good terms wherein they continue to fight with each other, but on the [...]

Viral now in social media is the alleged apology of Marlou Arizala A.K.A. Xander Ford towards his former girlfriend Ysah. Marlou rose to fame on making a video of social media exposing his confidence of courting beautiful ladies and becomes trending when he conducted a total makeover via plastic surgery shown in Rated K as [...]

In the latest episode of Wanted Sa Radyo Raffy Tulfo in action tackles about the case of abuse done by Marlou Arizala “Xander Ford” to his ex girlfriend Ysah Gabrejas. According to Ysah, Xander becomes enrage when she try to refuse of having an intercourse with Arizala. “Sinasaktan nya po ako, kasi ayaw ko pong [...]

Xander Ford finally speaks up amid issue his girlfriend Ysah Cabrejas was throwing against him. Marlou Arizala or as we all know by his new name as Xander Ford is a former members of Hasht5’s. He made his name after his transformation and his major surgery became successful which improves his physical appearance. According to [...]

One of the most controversial personality online is the 23-year-old social media personality, Xander Ford was accused of rape and physical abuse by his girlfriend name Ysah Cabrejas. Ysah Cabrejas posted photos of an alleged bruise she got from Xander Ford as well as screenshots of their conversations.  Xander was trending on Twitter on Thursday, June 18, [...]

One of the most controversial personality online is the 23-year-old social media personality, Xander Ford, which netizens lambasted in Twitter and in online world after he was allegedly hurting his girlfriend just to do the “thing”. Facebook user Ysah Cabrejas post went viral online after she claimed to the be latest girlfriend of Xander Ford. [...]

Xander Ford or as we all know as Marlou Arizala, is now viral again in social media after his girlfriend made these revelations against him. Marlou Arizala who is formerly among the members of Hasht5’s and is now known by his name screen name Xander Ford. He made his name after his transformation and his [...]

You can now watch Makagago finally visits Marlou Arizala a.k.a Xander Ford. Makagago’s real name is Mark Jayson Roger Warnakulahewa. He is now number one (1) trends in social networking sites such as Twitter. Watch the full video below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0EtbRhBxFQo If you watch the video, Marlou is nervous and Makagago still cool. Netizens are enjoying [...]

Xander Ford challenges Makagago in his video uploaded in YouTube. Many of the netizens did not get the point of Xander Ford why he was so affected by Makagao. Based on the comments from the netizens, there’s so many that expressed negative comments to this video of Xander Ford as he defy Makagago. As you [...]