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Xian Gaza Admitted He Was Wrong, Undergo Public Trial, Now He Apologizes!

With all the gravity fuses against him, Xian Gaza humbly admitted his mistakes that he is undergoing a public trial that in which he said still on-going.

He also indicated that not all the accusations against him are true because it was just a black propaganda to destroy his character.

He also connecting to his billboard issue that he learns a lesson in doing it. Another thing he mentioned was the accusation against him that he is a scammer. He then said that if they can prove it, he will face whatever consequences and willing to settle with his legal for whatever damages may have.

Here is the letter of Xian Gaza, read it here next this line:

“I undergo a public trial, actually still on-going, and was already given a public image death sentence. Some are true, some are not and most are pure black propagandas and character assassinations. I’m not a hypocrite and pretend to be very okay. Of course I’m so affected and even had a breakdown last night.

If I deceived you to exit you in my life and gave you false hopes, I’m very sorry for such a selfish act. If I really scammed you financially with fraudulent acts involved and you’re after a legal settlement for damages, I together with my lawyers are open doors anytime if there is really something to be settled.

Lesson learned the very hard way indeed. Billboard pa more Xian! I am blessed with a phenomenal job and a great life to live together with my inner circle. Imma gonna turn another page of my life now and move forward. Forgive me for polluting all your news feeds for the last 4 days. I am Xian S. Gaza and I rest my case.”

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