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Watch! Edna Dingal Complained Her Son “Ewu Joseph,” Raffy Tulfo Walkout from Anchor’s Booth

Veteran anchorman of “Radyo 5” Raffy Tulfo walkout after a mother “Edna Dingal” complained her son who abandoned her in spite of her undying support just to give the best she can give to her only son “Ewu Joseph Kenneth Dingal.”

According to the testimony of Edna, her son Joseph abandoned her to live with his lived-in partner Daisy. She added that her son was giving priority to Daisy’s mother to give her support instead of Edna who was responsible of looking for him a job.

Ewu Joseph complained by her mother Edna Dingal

Before Edna ended her testimony, the anchorman Raffy Tulfo who is taking charge of Edna on her complains walkout because he can no longer bear the discomfort of listening Edna’s sentiment.

Even if Raffy was trying to normalize the feelings of the complainant, but she continued and he could never abide so long the crying mother who want to explain and express her loved to her son and sentiment as well.

Watch video here:

You can comment here below if you want to give inspiration to mother Edna with regards to her sentiment to her son Joseph.

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