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Viral Now! UBER Passenger “Ally Daff” Complained Harassed by the Driver But Netizens Threw Adverse Reactions

UBER Passenger Ally Daff complained she was harassed by the driver. Ally shared her detailed story on her Facebook account how things were taking place.

According to her, she booked and ride UBER car. When she get inside the car, she then feel little bit of nervous but because her fair for getting late at work she ignores her uncomfortable feelings and continue the ride.

As she continues her route going to her office at Sta. Mesa from MOA, the driver was asking her personal questions like her age, if she is married and if she has a child. She replied decently all the questions telling the driver she is married with a 4-year-old son but she feel something a little nervous much more when she was ask to put her set built. And when she attempted to put it, the driver extended her hand to assist with her but she perceived the driver has other intention when he attempted to hold her hand.

Ally continues her ride to her destination but admitted she was afraid and nervous at the time. Even if she was thinking to get down with other passenger who was picked up by the driver along the way but get down before they arrived to her destination was the best option, but her concerned to arrive at work at the right time prevailed, so she continued.

With all the claims of Ally and her uncomfortable feelings with the UBER driver, she was able to escape from possible danger she will experience with the driver.

Her shared story on her Facebook account gained mixed reactions from the netizens. Some has sympathized her and give her advised but some had questioned her why she continued riding with the driver when she was already uncomfortable with her ride. Some of the comments from the netizens who expressed their opinion that Ally was able to afford riding with the driver in spite of her worry and doubt because according to them Ally like the driver, whose comment Ally immediately react unto it. Watch the attached images to see adverse comments of the netizens.

How about you, what is your opinion to Ally’s story, you can express your idea here on the box bellow and see who will agree or disagree with you.


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