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NPA Founder Joma Sison Threatens Duterte Administration

Joma Sison the Founder of the New People’s Army was upset since Duterte withdraw ceasefire from the Communist Party New People’s Army. Duterte said on his First SONA last July 25, 2016 that he declares ceasefire between the CPP-NPA and the AFP for a permanent and lasting peace. However, a day after New People’s Army rebels ambush the government militiamen and killed one while four other are wounded in Davao del Norte.

There is no way if you wish the revolutionary group to follow orders from Duterte, according to Joma Sison. CPP-NPA also planning to give orders to the group that they will also declare ceasefire from the administration 8:00pm in the evening the day when the ambush occurred.

Sison also added that Duterte is a bully and all he wanted is to wage war against them. And Duterte did not follow or consult first his advisers and decided to take the matters to himself. Sison and the CPP-NPA are ready if Duterte wanted to wage war to them.

Sison wanted that all the leaders of CCP-NPA in the Philippines will take responsibility if they continue to talk to the administration. Deadline for the explanation of the CPP-NPA to Duterte regarding the ambush of the CAFGU and the military in Davao del Norte is already ended.

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