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Riding In Trio Confronted By PNP Officer One Killed

Three guys were spotted and questioned by a police officer who was passing in a street at Malate, Manila. One suspect killed and the other two escaped. Paul Sabolao, the brave policeman and commander of Adritico PCP, was caught in CCTV camera stopping the three guys on a single motorcycle at Singgalong corner Aragon St., Malate at around 5:00pm

They were suspected because all of them are in a single motorcycle, the other two don’t have helmets and you will also notice that all their faces have mask and cap. When the policeman went to the trio, you will notice in CCTV one of them pulled a gun. When the policeman noticed the gun, he quickly opened fire and hit one of them on lower body part. The driver runs the motorcycle as fast as he could.

One guy drop from the motorcycle and they even shoot back at the policeman. One guy was killed, and you can see on CCTV the other suspect was hit as he runs to catch the motorcycle and eventually get away from the police.  The police tried to catch them but failed. The dead suspect has 9mm pistol and a tattoo on his leg “Reyes”. Policemen are still chasing the other two suspects.

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