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Philippines Is The Asia’s New Killing Fields

Once again the Philippines were on the front page of a foreign newspaper not in sports, beauty pageant, but in stopping crime and drugs in violence and in accordance with the law.  Before President Duterte became the country’s President he promised the people of the Philippines that he will stop crimes and drugs in a bloody way.

PNP and AFP is not afraid anymore on doing their jobs and doing the right thing because they were backed up by President Duterte who is willing to die for them. Duterte’s statement “I am willing to die for you, to the Filipino people, to my country is a powerful statement which would boost the morale of all law enforcement of the country.

According to police reports 420 people have been killed in the campaign, while most of them were killed in police encounter and 154 were killed by unidentified vigilant groups. 114,833 people turn themselves in as either drug dealers or users since Duterte took office.

On his first State Of The Nation Address, Duterte ordering the Law Enforcements to triple their effort against crime. They will not stop until the last drug lord, the last financer and the last pusher have surrendered or been put behind bars.

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