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Kapamilya Hosts Luis Manzano: Avoids Issue about Ex-Girlfriend Angel Locsin

It was reported over the weekend that Angel Locsin erase all of Luis Manzano’s pictures on her personal Instagram account.  The split up of the couple is said to be the issue about the third party involving of Kapamilya star Jessy Mendiola.

Angel Locsin & Luis Manzano

Up to now, it is still the talk about the issue on social media, and many are still waiting for the truth to come out.  But Luis explained to the press during his contract signing in ABS-CBN, that he would not talk about the issue about his ex-girlfriend Angel and Jessy.

Angel Locsin & Luis Manzano

In an interview of ABS-CBN, Luis said in front of the press that he enjoy not talking about the issue despite all the netizens are enjoying talking about it.

When Minute to win It Hosts Luis Manzano was asked how things are doing between him and Jessy, he was fast to answer that there is nothing for him to admit.  He insists that he and Jessy are just enjoying the moment they are together.  Until now Luis Manzano avoids the issue about his ex-girlfriend Angel Locsin.


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