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President Duterte Surprised Visit to the 16 Soldiers in Zamboanga City

President Rodrigo Duterte spent his day in Zamboanga Peninsula and surprised visit the 16 soldiers who suffered injuries. The arrival of the president last Thursday night in the Camp Navarro General Hospital in Zamboanga City made phone’s clicking accompanied with happy happy faces and excited voices.


The president walk along to the hospital, one by one. Even those in their hospital bed where so overwhelmed and excited that they hurried to get their smartphones to take a picture of their visitor. President Duterte, on the other had, had cleared his way that he will grant the soldier’s request to have selfie with him.

The 16 soldiers in the room were recuperating from injuries sustained in encounters in Sulu and Basilan – known bastions of the Abu Sayyaf. Because of it, according to some sources, Duterte talk to each patient, asking about their injuries. Duterte balled his fist and instructed the soldier to make a fist as well and squeeze his hand – as if to test the strength of recovering fingers.

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