Adolf Hitler Is Still Alive FBI Claims

Adolf Hitler is one of the most ferocious leaders noted in history. He claims more than millions of lives during his triumph on invading several neighboring countries of Germany. We all know that Hitler is considered to be the anti-Christ that Nostradamus predicted.

At the end of World War II, Hitler locks himself on bunker under the ground as Allied soldiers entering his place. Afraid of being caught, he commits suicide by shooting his head. But it is the opposite that we all know; a new investigation claims that Hitler successfully escaped from his mansion during the Allied invading his home.

His body was discovered by the Soviet Soldiers later that day, and was transported to Russia. A new FBI documents stating that it’s all a lie. The corpse of Hitler is only a doppelganger or his double. The documents of the FBI claims that Hitler escaped from the raid and a mysterious submarine was his transportation going to Argentina with the help of the director of OSS Allen Dulles. The FBI documents states that Hitler and Eva Braun suicide was faked. Until 2009, an archeologist Nicholas Bellatoni conducted a DNA test of Eva Brauns skull fragments. The result is failed, it did not much to Brauns DNA.

According to the document, Hitler is living in a beautiful and peaceful life in the foothills of Andes in Argentina.

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