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Baste Duterte’s Strong Statement About Discrimination

The attitude of peope does not depend on the status of life of a person. The youngest son of President Rodrigo Duterte known as Baste or Sebastian Duterte had stressed out a strong statement about discrimination among Filipinos. Just like Baste who stated in the recently held FightCon in the Amoranto Theater in Quezon City just this last Saturday; that not everyone with tattoos and piercings is a drug addict or the one who is making crimes.

Baste Duterte

According to Baste, “Hindi ibig sabihin kapag may hikaw ka sa bibig at may tattoo ka sa katawan, addict ka na, rebellious na. No. It’s not always ganoon,” He also stated that there are lots of people who do not have piercing and tattoos yet addicted to those illegal substances. Sebastian added, “Yes to sports, yes to music, no to drugs. Very basic, just follow it. Alam niyo namang nakakasira ‘yung drugs, bakit niyo pa gagawin?”

Duterte Family

He also added to be really open minded. To keep an open mind to every peope you meet. Stating, “I studied in San Beda. Akala ng mga kaklase ko, dahil taga Mindanao ako, Muslim na ako. Ano ba iyon, ‘di ba? It’s not even bad to be a Muslim pero bakit may ganun silang idea na kapag taga Mindanao, Muslim ka na? I’m not saying it’s discrimination but pakiusap naman, open your minds,”

No wonder why Baste had become an influential one and had been a hearththrob during his father’ campaign.

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