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A Creepy Looking Ghost Captured in Camera

A creepy, bizarre, terrifying etc. appears to a picture taken in Fort Worth Museum in Texas. A museum of science and history. It seems that this photo can be the creepiest ghost photo of all time.

It is an afternoon trip to FWM for a little bit of fun when the image was snapped. Unluckily, what he shoots was an image lurking in the shadows.


What it appears to be a shadow lurking in the dark background a lady with a soiled sack hood surrounded by happy kids playing with no regards to the spooky thing behind them at the children’s section of the museum.

It appears an arm which severely distorted, it seems that she is standing beside a child size cart or picking up something from the bin. The weirdest part of it is that the photographer who submitted the picture to Reddit under the name KRAMERisKRUNK has absolutely not suspecting any irregularities or paranormal or anything resembling a lady that standing in the shadowy part of the room.


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