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The Attack of an Evil Spirit to a Jamaican Boy (Video)

Studies say that poltergeist can be manifested by strong psychokinetic forces which are present in few people, especially the girls before puberty, but in the present case, a boy. Children who are involved in such poltergeist cases have been shown to have gone through lot of physical or sexual abuse in their past.

An 11 year old boy from a Spanish Town, Jamaica was being harassed by a Ghost or Duppy as Jamaican call it. It seems that the small town was at chaos and confusion as prayers have not been able to stop the evil spirits from pulling and pushing the young boy.

Evil Spirit

This story of ghost attack got further more attention when a pastor comes to the rescue of the boy and is shown to perform some rituals to chase away the ghost. The video on right shows the boy being claimed to have been pushed again by the ghost while the pastor supposedly talks to the ghost and agitates the same. But when you watch the video closely at 1:35, you will observe that the boy leans himself forward and does a similar act of being pushed away by a ghost.

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