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Yen Santos is Now Single, Says Cristy Fermin

Cristy Fermin revealed that Yen Santos has been separated from her ex-boyfriend, a politician for a long time. In the episode of her online show “Take It…. Per Minute, Me Ganun! ” with Lolit Solis and Mr. Fu. the three hosts talked to Yen Santos. It is all about the long rumored relationship of the [...]

Awra Briguela as Yoyoy Villame on Your Face Sounds Familiar kids week 4 last Sunday, January 29, 2016. He impresses the judges and audience with his performance.  Billy Crawford challenge Awra to have a drama with Butsekik. Awra sang the hit song of Yoyoy Villame “Butsekik”. This is really funny and entertaining performance, said Sharon [...]

Studies say that poltergeist can be manifested by strong psychokinetic forces which are present in few people, especially the girls before puberty, but in the present case, a boy. Children who are involved in such poltergeist cases have been shown to have gone through lot of physical or sexual abuse in their past. An 11 [...]

Top Trending Topic online! Motocross riders UA Mindanao receive 4 Yeses during their breathtaking stunts on Sunday episode of Pilipinas Got Talent, March 20, 2016. They will proceed to the next round of competition. UA Mindanao wows the judges and audience with there amazing and breathtaking acts. Robin Padilla told them that he feel the [...]