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Ex-Wife Elizabeth Zimmerman-Duterte Joins “Byaheng DU30” Campaign In Visayas and Mindanao

No one knows where everything will end up! As of the recent, Elizabeth Zimmerman-Duterte stated that her vote will go to her ex-husband Mayor Rodrigo Duterte and is now literally campaigning for him. Elizabeth is now ready for campaigning him.

The “Byaheng DU30” has been joined by Elizabeth, Sarah and her grandchildren. Their are 30 days for the campaign of the Duterte candidacy. The route will go on starting at the Visayas route started just this Tuesday. Elizabeth is now battling cancer, however she stated that she stopped her radiation recently to joined and help in the campaign. It was never a hindrance after then.

Elizabeth Duterte

In the facebook page of the Byaheng DU30 said, ““She wants to meet her fellow Filipinos and answer their questions about Rody,”

Elizabeth stated also, “I wanted to help him because he is still part of my family, he is the father of my children. We may be annulled in court but we were also married in the Church and the Catholic Church never annulled our marriage,”

The said campaign with caravan will start on Visayas to Mindanao to show gratefulness and also to convince the undecided to vote for Mayor Rodrigo Duterte.

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