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Wild Monkeys Leave Their Habitat In Search For Food Near Human Settlements in Maguindanao

It is now being called a dry spell. Experiencing in the many areas in the Mindanao as it already driven many monkeys near the human settlements. Leaving their habitat to find for food.

It was Febuary 9, 2016 when there were 20 wild monkeys in the Maguindanao who was captured by many motorist and of the local people of Datu Onin Sinsuat town on Monday, February 8.

It was stated that the wild monkeys really look hungry. They are all in happiness when passers by tossed food at them.

Wild Monkeys Leave Their Habitat In Search For Food

A government employee namely Mr. Aranias who also passed by stated, “They come closer to people now, so we give them food and take photos of them. Clearly, they are asking for food…they don’t attack humans but we are careful, my children were glad to see them, so rare at this time,”

The government employee noted that the hungry wild monkeys surfaced on Monday; coinciding with the celebration of the Chinese New Year that ushered in the year of the fire monkey.

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