Video: Dona Aguire Gets a Standing Ovation from the Judges by Singing “If I Sing You a Love Song” on PGT Season 5

Top Trending topic online! Dona Aguire brings the crown on tears and gets a standing ovation from the Pilipinas Got Talent season 5 judges and viewers during the episode on Sunday, February 21, 2016. The 52-year-old woman won the hearts of the viewers and judges after she sang a hit song “If I Sing You a Love Song” by Bonnie Tyler’s.

She received 4 yeses from the judges. View below the judges comments;

According to Angel Locsin, “Ma’am, gusto ko lang sabihin sa inyo na ganyan po ang tamang pagkanta ng kantang yan”. FMG told to Dona, “Bilib ho ako sa boses niyo. Nagulat ho ako when you were belting out, your talent has not diminished at all.”

Dona Aguire

“Napakamakapangyarihan ho ng inyong tinig. Ang buong koliseyo ho sa apat na sulok ay nayanig ninyo,” said Robin Padilla. “‘Nay, walang kupas ‘yung boses mo. At ang ganda ganda nung kanta, damang-dama mo,” Vice Ganda added.

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Watch! The video below of Dona Aguire’s rendition of the song “If I Sing You a Love Song” by Bonnie Tyler’s (video courtesy of ABS-CBN);

Pilipinas Got Talent- Season 5 was hosted by Luis Manzano and Billy Crawford. The four judges are Robin Padilla, Angel Locsin, Vice Ganda and Freddie M. Garcia. It is televise every Saturday after Home Sweetie Home, and Sunday after Wansapanataym on ABS-CBN.

Padilla was the first judge to use the golden buzzer, pressing it for acrobatic duo, Power Duo. Locsin was the next to press for flair bartending couple Liquid Concepts. Vice Ganda and Mr. Freddie M. Garcia are not yet using their Golden Buzzer.

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