Who is Deniece Cornejo? Complete Personal Profile Revealed in “Buzz ng Bayan” -Video


Who is Deniece Cornejo? In a special segment of the “Buzz ng Bayan” hosted by the veteran celebrity talk show ‘Boy Abunda’ “In Search of the Truth” revealed the complete personal profile of the controversial celebrity on social media Deniece Cornejo.

Photo courtesy: ABS-CBN News
Photo courtesy: ABS-CBN News

The name “Deniece Cornejo” becomes one of the most popular and the most search name in social media and micro-blogging sites after her name was positively identified by the comedian actor Vhong Navarro in his exclusive interview with Boy Abunda regarding the mauling incident in the condo unit in Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City on January 22, 2013.

“In Search of Truth” is a special segment of “Buzz ng Bayan” with the veteran talk show host Boy Abunda has made the best effort to bring to us the information through the media and social networking sites about the complete and detailed personal profile of Deniece Cornejo.

As we learned Deniece Cornejo from her “Complete Personal Profile,” once again, ‘In Search of the Truth’ with Boy Abunda reproduce a documentary video about the whole life background of the controversial model Deniece Cornejo.

Watch here below the documentary video of the Deniece Cornejo.


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