Aquino-Cojuangco: The Origin of Political Supremacy [VIRAL VIDEO]


This documentary video described the history of Aquino-Cojuangco political reign in the Philippines and exposes facts that maybe unknown to most of the Filipinos especially to the young generation. Indeed, this video brings not only information but education needed by every individual Filipino citizen.

This video went viral in social media like Facebook and YouTube after it was uploaded. Facebook records 5,377 shares from the date [November 27, 2013] it was posted in the wall under account of “The National Hub,” and in YouTube 1,180,190 views as of December 3, 2013 since it was uploaded on October 21, 2011 under the account of PinoyMonkeyPride.

Comments from viewers are in different opinion; some says it was just a black propaganda against the Aquino administration, as it is a common strategy to most politicians who have a strong desire to sit in power and govern the people, while the other says it is based on history and documentary facts.

We are publishing this video without biases. Our intention is to let the people know about this issue and it’s up to the viewers to judge whether the video is telling the truth or there is political meaning behind it.

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