Boots Anson-Roa 69-Year-Old To Marry Again on June 14, 2014



To find love at the age beyond sixties seldom only would redound to engage for life, but for the veteran actress Boots Anson Roa she chooses the world “Providence” to describe how she found love again at her age of 68.

Boots, widowed for more than 6-year is considered “blessed” among the few to find someone to engagement and promised for marriage.  Now, she got engaged with the 74-year-old lawyer Francisco Rodrigo Jr., who promised her to get married on June 14, 2014.

The engaged lovers are planning to follow the Filipino traditional “pamamanhikan” to their children scheduled on the 69th birthday of Boots on January 14, 2014.

Since both of their spouses were gone already, the lovers have visited the graves to pay respect to their former partners and ask blessing prior to their engagement.

Boots Anson-Roa Engaged to Atty. Francisco Rodrigo, Jr.

“This experience is something new, since her experienced with her late husband, Pete Roa was totally different compare this time, they have to elope before they get married,” she said.

They don’t have proper release of blessing from their parents, and since they have eloped, she could not experience of having engagement ring and no formal wedding, added Boots.

The veteran actress did not expect to fall in love again to the former consul general of the Philippines in the US –Francisco, a high school classmate of her former husband who was courting her for a year.

“People call it serendipity of fate, but I think it is providence,” Boots explained during the formal announcement of their engagement.

Boots and Francisco are at the late stages of their lives but no matter what, they love one another proving some people say “age doesn’t matter.”



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