Kris Aquino to Run in 2016 Polls



The National Election is fast approaching, but early of this time the possible running aspirants for various government posts has become a political talk.

One of the names surfaces on the list is the TV host-actress Kris Aquino.

Checking the political background, Kris’ family was very well known in the field of politics. She is the youngest sister of the present president of the Philippines Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III. Her late mother Corazon Cojuangco Aquino was also a president. Her father was also known for his political heroism as Senator. In addition to that, the Queen of the Philippine Game Show is surrounded with many politician relatives.

In a media forum with President Aquino in Hotel Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila the media asked the president about Kris if she runs on 2016 election. President Aquino said, “It depends on her if she runs on 2016, ‘if she feels driven’” told Pinoy to the GMA News.

According to Pinoy, based on his observation, Kris priority at this time is to be the perfect stage mother to Joshua and Bimby.

Recently, Bimby enters into the showbiz and the Queen of All Media admitted that she would be a stage mother to her child.

When the president asked if he will encourage Kris to enter politics, he noted the American saying, “If you want to get even with somebody, get them into politics.”

To remember, On December 30, 2012, in the episode of “The Buzz” the Sunday talk show of ABS-CBN hosted by Boy Abunda. Boy asked the Queen of Philippine Talk if she considers entering politics one day.

“Yes, it’s obviously a careers path, but I’ll only get into it if I know that I’ll be number one,” replied Kris.

It could be a shameful if not, she added.

Kris said that she will be a good public servant, knowing that she is very good in terms of dealing the people and she possesses the quality of being a good politician.


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