Is This Julia Barreto’s “Patama” Post to Kim Chiu After Mentioning her in Its Showtime?

Miss Chis

Following the trending video of Kim Chiu mentioning actress Julia Barretto on air in Its Showtime, Julia has posted a photo of her in her Instagram account saying this.

In Wednesday episode of the noontime show It’s Showtime in the segment Mas Testing, Kim Chiu was dared by her fellow host to like 5 photos of her former boyfriend Gerald Anderson as her funishment.

Kim accidentally said, “Tapos pagbukas mo rito, nandito si Julia Barretto.” After realizing what she said, she quickly covered her mouth.

Meanwhile, Julia shared this post in her social media account which she captioned, “Out here minding my own business 💞

With that intriguing post, netizens speculated that Julia has threw shade to Kim.

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