Tim Connor’s Sweet Post About Maggie Wilson Went Viral

Tim Connor used Instagram Stories to showcase Maggie Wilson’s good, sweet, and hardworking side. He emphasized that Maggie is not the kind of woman who would only use social media to attract attention. The model claimed that when he went downstairs, he saw her working and shooting rather than caring about others seeking attention online. … Read more

Maggie Wilson Reveals How She Deals with Negativity “Just Ignore”

During a previous Q&A session, former beauty queen Maggie Wilson discussed how she handles difficulties in her life. Managing life’s negativity was among the issues Maggie Wilson addressed during a recent question-and-answer session she conducted for Preview. She claimed that because she simply ignores negativity, she is not dealing with it. She doesn’t care about … Read more

Maggie Wilson’s Relationship with Tim Connor Is Confirmed?

The two celebs are presently speculated to be in a relationship. Maggie is a 32-year-old Filipino-British Bb. I am a Pilipinas World 2007 title holder, a model, a host, and own an interior design business. On the other hand, Tim is a British-Thai entrepreneur who participates in and partners with real estate, resto-bars, and start-up businesses. … Read more