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Dr. Willie Ong is a Filipino doctor who gives his free consultation online as part of his mission of helping more people especially Filipino all over the world. It his advocacy to reach massive poor Filipinos who can’t afford to have regular check up. With Dr. Willie Ong free consultation online you can avail free [...]

New graduating education professionals who took the March 26, 2017 Board Examination for Teachers both Elementary and Secondary level are super excited since the time the examination was done on their respective accredited testing centers all over the Philippines. The March 2017 L.E.T. Examination results are expected to be available on this page on May [...]

We put so many things in our mouth, such as foods and accessories on our tongue, lips, and teeth.  But there is one thing that we put in our mouth that we usually don’t know that can cause diseases. Due to the modernization around the world today, we usually look for some cheap alternative for [...]

Top trending topic online! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7LWxtWyRl5c Growing up in a society with a belief that men should only have short hair and women should be the only ones to have long hair. So when little guys made their hair grow long they were being bullied by their same age and yes by elders also. Christian McPhilamy, [...]